Looking for part time job in Amsterdam


I am doing my master in the University of Groningen, but in February I will move to Amsterdam in order to do my master thesis in a company there.

As a student I have a part time job here as a bartender. Due to my EU citizenship I have right on the study grant (studiefinanciering) and I receive it as I work more than 32 hours per month.

The company that I 'm going to do my thesis is going to provide me a small compensation around 300-400 euro per month, but as you understand is far from enough to survive in a city like Amsterdam.

For this reason I am willing to work part time (I will work 40 hours per week at the company, Monday to Friday) 10-16 hours per week in order to receive the study grant and some extra income.

My question is if you know bars or other places in Amsterdam that they hire part time non Dutch speaking students. Well the truth is that I understand more or less Dutch (I work almost 2 years in Groningen), but I find it difficult to respond in Dutch.

If you know a place or two like this please answer me here, or with a pm.



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I invite you to post an advert in Amsterdam classifieds > jobs section. Hope it helps.;)

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Hi, are you still open for the part time assignment in amsterdam

Hi anamika das,

Could you please introduce yourself? Just to inform you that this is an old thread.

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