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My working visa canceled 3 months ago and i didnt leave Bahrain. Now I get new offer letter from another company. can the company apply for me new working visa or should I leave Bahrain first. If I go back to my country, Turkey, is there any problem to come back to Bahrain ?

If you didn't apply for an extension when visa was cancelled then you are here illegally.  The company won't be able to apply for a visa for you.  Unless they have serious influence within immigration.   In all likelihood, you will have to leave.

Secondly, with the illegal overstay, it is not likely that your new visa will be approved.  Lastly, nowadays, there seems to be an unofficial ban on Turkish citizens (similar to what happened for Pakistan passport holders last year) so any new visa is likely to be difficult.

Follow up with your sponsor and see what they say.

Thank you so much for your reply,

My visa was canceled from the government because I opened case about my old sponsor and they seem me right and canceled for me. My new sponsor said we will apply for extension of cancellation. Do I have any chance to have this extension since it is 3 months from date of issue of cancellation?

Difficult to say. Normal process no but maybe in your case, they may make an exception. Try and see.

Hello friends, I have a similar issue and I need your advice. I worked in a company for around 4 years, but I resigned recently because I got another job(I signed their contract). My resignation was approved. But I heard that my current company will not approve local transfer. What are my options now ???

You don't need their approval. You can get mobility without consent as you worked with them for more than 1 year.

Go here and read this sticky:

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