Employment visa shows in progress.

Hi dear sir / madam ,

Please I wanted to ask you that my employment visa shows in progress from  16th July I ask reason to my employer but didn't  revert me is there anything else I can do or can you please tell me what the reason behind this my employment visa shows in progress.


What was the status before?

From beginning it's showing employment visa is in progress from 16th July 2017.
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This is normal, it will take time, my company applied for my visa in April, and my status changed to "Valid Employment Visa" just few days back

the delay was from LMRA but also from my company (they paid late)

Thanks Haseeb for giving your valuable time and opinion.

it's ok, i think you will get your visa in August, or after eid

Alright Thanks Haseeb.

Legal Status
Employment Visa is in Progress...
It's been 16 working days and 22 normal days.
I'm waiting for this job from June when I submit my medical reports and all documents.
Can you please help me to know lmra take how many days to approve visa.


unfortunately no can give you a time frame, you can have a word with your employer and they could give you an update on why is it taking time.


Legal Status
Employment Visa is in Progress... status Not change from 16 July even employer now revert to me.

Hi, it will take time, don't worry

Its very tough to wait now, don't know what to do. :/

Hello dear Ganibhai

Any updates on your employment visa yet , I know your struggle as I am in the same situation here.They applied for my visa on the 16th of july too ,and until today I am still waiting and still reads employment visa in progress . I don't understand why it is taking this long without any updates , I am very stressed out , is waiting 5 week for a visa a normal thing?

Hello Dear ,
Yet I'm waiting for my employment visa , there is no changes in status from 16 July ,
I'm asking my employer,,they said they are trying their best,
Hope for the best ,

In Dubai I get my employment visa with in a week , and here almost 2 month .

Yes dear two month is long wait to start a job , I don't understand how it works and what the employer have to do to push the process faster.

Hii ,
My employment visa got approved by lmra yesterday.
Thanks everyone for giving your valuable time and suggestions.

Glad to hear that, good luck


Legal Status : Employment visa is in progress

Assalamu alaikkum dears,

My friend is working in Bahrain. and recently he decided to change Job. for that he already cancelled his current visa and submitted the documents and cash to the new employer.
As per the new employer he has submitted the visa application and made the visa payment. But even after more than seven working days still status is showing "Employment visa is in progress" " application is ready for payment"

what are the possibilities for these kind of delay?
how could we know the employer has already made the payment or not?

It will take time, since there may be backlogs because of holidays, 1month is minimum now.

My company applied for work permit and till today its under progress...... i called lmra and they told me the status is awaiting payment......but when i spoke with my company they told me that we already paid 5 days back......can anyone tell how much time it will take to update payment on lmra site?

Soon  :)

No one can tell you the exact duration it's going to take.

Its really frustrating......... payment made and not updated....anyways thanks

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