Work as Teacher on Dependent issue

Hi All

Please let me know is it possible to work as Teacher on dependent visa without getting work permit
One of my friend says through reference she is working as Teacher in a school just only on her husband's dependent visa and without work permit

Is this Legal or unless if no one know is this ok
If so i can try for my family member as well
Experts Please Guide

You asked the same question in March.  I answered.

Why are you asking the same question again?

The simple answer is that yes you can but it must be approved by the Ministry and LMRA through the employer.  Once that is done, you get a work permit (not stamped in passport but electronically registered - also updated on CPR) but remain on the dependent visa.  If you lose your job, nothing happens to your dependent visa.

It is ILLEGAL to work without a work permit for ANYONE.

Thanks Friend

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