Is investor visa can transfer to work visa in Bahrain?

Hi just want to ask about investor visa, my husband from riyadh, saudi applied for investor visa and is it no problem in the immigration holding investor visa to enter here in Bahrain from saudi arabia?

And that investor visa can transfer to working visa once he get a job in Bahrain?

Thank you for your answer and help.
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By investor visa, do you mean an investor "visit" visa?   or an investor visa which leads to a 2 year permit after entering?

An investor visit visa is given to individuals who are pursuing investment opportunities e.g. setting up a company or buying shares etc.  You can look for jobs on it but you can't convert it to a work visa in most cases - you can convert it to an investor work visa (if you are an investor in a company).

You need to be specific in your question and give details.

hi thank you for your prompt response.

Actually as far as i know its a partnership/investor or shareholder in a new CR that can renew yearly. Sorry but not so sure the type of visa but as per the authorized person of that new CR he included my husband as a shareholder/partner “investor visa”.

If that’s the case there is no problem in the immigration to enter Bahrain?

I suggest you get the full details before asking your question. 

In either type of visa, there is no issue in entering Bahrain IF the visa has been issued - I don't understand why this worries you; if you have a visa, you can enter...simple!.

However, this visa CANNOT be converted to a work visa.  It must be cancelled and a new work visa applied for by the sponsor.

Hello sorry to get you confused on my questions. 
Anyways, as holding investor visa do i need to have a dummy ticket once i entered bahrain, so dummy ticket from Bahrain to my country of origin?
Do you know the limitations of investor visa holder? Thanks.

Again, I will say the same thing. Get the details and then ask the question.

Different answers for different visa types.

it is a Partnership company and i am one of the Shareholders and Partners.

I meant what visa?

Is it a visa issued by lmra on which you will enter, do medical and then it will be stamped in the passport?

Or is a multiple entry visit visa issued by NPRA?

it’s confirmed, an investor’s visa issued by NPRA.

Then you have to abide by the conditions of that visa ie you can't work in Bahrain. And return ticket is not a must but since its a visit visa, they can ask you to show it. And no it cannot be converted to work visa.

But I am surprised.... If you are on the CR then they need to give you a proper investor visa which is valid for two years and allows you to live and work in Bahrain for the company you are a partner in.

The application is NEW CR W/O LICENSE, but as per them i can work here in Bahrain and transfer my investor visa to working visa once i found a job.

So its a must to have a return ticket just a dummy ticket at least? and so what next step once he entered in Bahrain using investor’s visa?

See this is why I kept asking for details.  To make it clear to you:

1) New CR without license means that the company has been created BUT it is NOT active i.e. until it gets license, it CANNOT start operations.  And when it does get license, it has to be registered with LMRA for visas to be applied for
2) The Investor visa that has been given to you is for the purpose of starting up your investment i.e. get the company to active status by signing MOA, bank accounts etc.  But ONLY for the company whose CR shows you as an investor and NOT work anywhere else
3) Assuming the company becomes active and you want a 2 year investor visa on that SAME company, the current investor visa can be transferred to a proper residence permit BUT you still can't work for any other company except this one
4) If you want to work as an employee for another company, immigration may refuse to convert the investor visa and ask you to leave to apply for a work visa.  I have seen it happen and they would be justified - you are coming in on a visa to invest and instead want to become an employee.  This is allowed on tourist, visit and family visas as the purpose of those visas is more open i.e. you are allowed to sight see or find a job.  This visa is for genuine INVESTORS.  Recently there has been a lot of abuse on these visas i.e. people who get refused for visit and other visas, come in through this route as it is more relaxed and do exactly what you are planning to do.  So they are on the look out for this
5) They may ask you to show return booking at immigration counter to prove you are a genuine investor who is here to set up his company and not someone who is abusing the system - and to be honest, from what you said, you are fully intending to abuse the system as per the definition of the rules (coming in on an investor visa but intending to work for other employers).   They don't always ask for booking unless they have suspicions but it is your call if you want to take the risk - I would advise to keep it as if in the off-chance they ask for it and you don't have it, they will ask questions about your purpose for coming here and you end up telling them what you have told me on this thread, they will deport you straight from the airport :)
6) Once you enter Bahrain, I would advise you to complete the formalities for your company and NOT work anywhere else.  If you find a job, try to transfer your visa or if cannot be transferred, leave and come back after fresh application

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