Evisa- "Your application for an eVisa cannot be completed on-line"


I have had one year evisa of Bahrain before, also multiple times I have got sponsored Evisa from my company. I work in Saudi on a work visa (Dammam)

However this time when I applied, I got this message "Your application for an eVisa for Bahrain for AKSHAT CHATURVEDI cannot be completed on-line"

I am pretty sure my info and documents were correct as I have done this procedure before for the 1 year b

The mail said me to "Please contact NPRA or send us email on [email protected]"
I have mailed them asking if any more information is required.

Can someone please shine some light on the same and assist me please?


Has anyone got this message before? And were you able to sort it and get the visa issued?


It is simple. It means that the visa has been rejected. 

The only way to sort it is to send someone who is connected e.g. a PRO to immigration and try to get it through. 

Or apply for a refund and reapply.   But if it was a rejection which wasn't due to documents, then it would be rejected again.  And then, your only choice is to apply for a sponsored visa.

So there is no way to knows whats the reason? I am sorry, could you please explain how to get PRO to push it? What is PRO?
My reference number is still there and it doesn't say ‘rejected' so i am still hoping..

I thought that having had some visas (sponsored an unsponsored) and using them correctly would have made it a breeze :/

I think you need to understand a few things:

1) If you got the email that the "application cannot be completed online", then it means that the visa is REJECTED and this is a nice way of saying that.  Doesn't matter what status it shows.  Don't focus on that - it NEVER shows rejected or not approved.  What they are saying is "We cannot process your application for an evisa / unsponsored further so apply through other routes"
2) Immigration will NEVER tell you the reason for the rejection.  A PRO is a public relations / government relations guy.  If you have someone who is very well connected, he may be able to get the existing application through by telling you what extra documents you need to submit.   Otherwise, there is no way except what I described above i.e. refund and reapply
3) Having a previous visa is no guarantee for future visas - anywhere in the world.  And in the GCC, they are arbitrary at times.  I can tell you tons of stories of people who get rejected and it doesn't make any sense

I have gotten this email for my relatives many times.  Sometimes I have been successful in resubmitting with complete documents e.g. air ticket, bank statement WITH bank stamp on it (must), hotel booking or CPR read of the person you are staying with etc.  At others,when I didn't have much time, I have had to involve my guy who has gone there and gotten the application through.

Thanks Xtang, i work in a reputed company across the border in Dammam, Yes, I had done my homework before and applied 3 months bank statements(bank stamp) however they were three separate pdfs due to their 2 mb limitations ( yes compressed them ).

You say your guy got through the application. What exactly extra documents help in your experience?

When my PRO went, the application was approved. I didn't have to submit any documents or anything.

The documents were submitted in the other cases I applied. You just have to think on your case and figure out what will help e.g. If you are on a visit visa in Saudi and not resident there, show home country bank account and flights from home country. Don't confuse them or create doubt.

Worst case, get a sponsored visa through a company, agent or hotel.

I see your point, i am on work-visit in saudi since 2 yrs, last yr also my round flight was from dammam, so was this time, and this is a one year multi entry. Sponsored is just single entry for seven days, hence the obvious choice..

Please can you help me with ur pro guy contact numbers

My PRO doesn't deal with individuals, only large companies.   He accommodates me as I had hired him in my previous company.   But I am an exception.