About VISA CANCEL and how to get back to bahrain

Can I ask you something. You know if the visa of company sponsor cancel the visa while Im out of country can I still enter bahrain?? Which my residence permit on passport still no cancelation stamp and which after cancel visa we still legal in bahrain for a month right to transfer another company. But when the sponsor cancel the visa I'm out of country. Please advice because maybe u guys know. Because when I check in LMRA portal my passport number doesn't exist in the system. Am I able to apply Visit EVisa for this case ???????? Please need advice Thank you

HI Henelyn,

Good day! I am so sorry to hear your situation. But the answer to your question is “NO”.  Unfortunately you cannot go back to Bahrain if they already cancel your visa, you can maybe pass the Philippines immigration going to here but they will probably stop you in Bahrain immigration. Sadly, most employers do this kind of shit.

On the other hand, you can still come on a visit visa.
Hope this helps! I wish you all the best :)

So I can come with using visit Visa to bahrain right????
With provide hotel booking, airticket and etc????

Hi please help po.... my visa will be expired on april 14 2018 ... then i resigned a month ago .... last nov 7 they applied for my mobility ... then now ... they cancelled my visa . ... am i still legal for 1month to stay here in bahrain? Please help me po.... thanks

You need contact LMRA and explain them the situation


hai..can i ask u something?...cuz mi visa cancelled in system 6 months ago..bt mi visa is not expire.....stil i can pass in philippine immigration.

hai...po..tnong lng po...my visa cancelled in system 6 months ago..pero nd p sya expired...stil i can pass in philippine immigration going to bahrain??

This is an English forum.  Keep your posts in English.

You cannot go Bahrain this situations

can i exit in Bahrain airport with my visa cancelled

I already responded to you on another post. Stop asking same question on multiple unrelated threads.

Hi i want to ask if i am using a Evisa is it possible to transfer this to a working visa if ever i get a job or an employer?please waiting for an answer thank you🙏

Yes, provided visa is valid for 7 days at the time of employment visa application.  Also, longer term multiple entry visa and investor visas are not eligible for this transfer.

So sir the answer is YES Evisa can be transfer to a working visa..i just want to make sure that's why i am asking and gathering informations.thank you sir.

Yes for most evisas but not all.

I would like to ask just incase you dont have a residence sticker  on your passport but with a valid visa and currently on vacation what other documents i can provide or bring on my country immigration

Stop posting the same question on multiple threads.  I answered on another thread.  Your home country immigration is not the subject of Bahrain forums as processes will differ via country - try showing them a print out from LMRA express services or expat portal.

Good day my visa was canceled last January 30 2022 my new employer cannot grant mobility to transfer,
Because my visa is canceled already,
What can i do? Do i need to exit bahrain?

You have 30 days after cancellation during which a new employer can apply for a new visa for you - in this case you won't need to exit.

Thank you❤️

Good pls I'm checking my Bahrain visa online is valid, but the agent is telling me that they cancelled my CFR for my visa please I didn't understand help me
I am not sure what is CFR, Send me your passport number in the personal message and I can check it for you.

Hi please if am out of Bahrain and stayed for 6 months and my investor visa was cancelled can I apply for a new visa

Hi sir/madam, i think my work visa was canceld. So how can i come back to Bahrain?

Can i ask you somthing about my visa

You need to get a new visa if the old one was cancelled.


If an employee exits bahrain after cancelling his residance permit through immirgations can he come back to bahrain under same emloyer after a month? One of our employee needed to go back to his home country and due to some legal issues we were not able to renew his visa. So he cancelled his work permit from immigration and went back to India. After resolving our legal issues we resubmitted his work visa which got rejected by Immigrations. We are not able to track the reason of rejection so kindly advise that in our case how can we proceed in order to brinh him back to bahrain

No he cannot come back, reason for rejections are not disclosed.

So if we submit the visa from another employer or CR. Will he be able to come back to Bahrain?

You can try, as I mentioned the reason for rejection will not be disclosed.