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How to check the address mentioned in CPR records as CPR card does not show the current. can we check it online?


You can read the card if you have a common smartcard reader and using the eRevelear application that could be downloaded from Central Informatics Organization website or by clicking in the link provided (smartcard reader software)


Bank and money exchange tellers (nafex, lulu, uae) have ecard readers, when you go to remit money ask them for a copy.


In addition to the suggestions above, you can always ask your employer to give you a printout of the card information. Almost all employers would have a card reader.

I have one with me at work  :D

Thanks , I got the print from the Bank

How can i check block no by cpr

Hi, you need to print Smart card details to see your full address

Or to go, login with your key and go to identity services.

Hi, Please Check with your company ems, what is address there.

I need to change the address on my CPR.
I uploaded the documents to the Municipality address service website as suggested by the Capital Municipality Customer Service reception in Manama.
But still haven't got any response after 7 days.
I also tried to go through the Bahrain . bh website and upload the required documents for the address change, but they are asking for the Municipality form. Any idea what this is?
If it's the address certificate letter from the Municipality then again I'm in the same loop and seemingly stuck for ever!

Are you a tenant or owner?   if tenant, do you have an EWA in your name or not?

If you are a tenant without EWA, then you need to go to the municipality with your lease agreement, cpr copies of yourself and owner, pay 5 BD and get a municipality letter which is valid for one month.  This is what they are asking for.

I'm a tenent and the EWA is on my landlord's name.
However, I do have a letter from the landlord as a proof of my address.
I went with this document along with the rental agreement and my CPR to the Capital Municipality office.
But they told me that all such applications must be submitted online through their website.
I have already applied and have also received an autogenerated acknowledgement email specifying that my request has been received and provided me with a request number.
But that was 6 days before, and have not received anything since then.
I tried to call them on all the numbers mentioned on their website, but on one answers!
I also have many others in my circle who are cluelessly dealing with the same problem.
All this is making me wonder, is the MUN really working nowadays !!!

Well first of all, letter from landlord is not acceptable.  You need the scan of the actual contract which shows the rental amount because that is what will be used to charge you 10% of the monthly rental in the EWA bill.   If the documentation is incomplete, expect the process to be delayed even further.

Is this app available in play store or Android version

There is no app for this.

I want to chack my cpr but how?

Don't understand your question.

Just wanted to ask for your help to get a CPR address for couple, Is it true that we need to find a landlord which are couple as well with their EWA? Do we have a couple landlord? Need your help please, Thanks

I want to check my CPR address

Read the posts, your question has been answered before many times.

Hello! After we register the address this means we would not be charged the 10% percent municipal fees if I'm not mistaken?


What if the rent agreement is an inclusive one and the landlord pays municipal fees and ewa?

Will the municipal fees be charged to us or landlord?

The 10% fees will be charged after the municipality letter is issued, in the monthly EWA bill every month.  Who covers this is between you and the landlord.

It is not mentioned in the contract. However, if ewa is under landlords name and if the landlord is Bahraini- will the municipal fees still be 10%?

Under the contract it states ewa is covered by landlord. I am still in query of the municipal fees.

I already told you.   This has nothing to do with the rules or regulations.  In most inclusive contracts, EWA is on a cap and municipality fees are separately listed.  That was the case for my contract.   If yours is not the same way, then you need to clarify with the landlord.   Alternatively, if there is no cap on EWA then it automatically means that he will cover them.

I need my cpr address


I have ewa bill on my name and my employer updated my new address in the respective website. Now, I want to update it in CPR chip. I came to know that there is one kiosk machine available  in seef mall muharaq and we can update the details in the chip using this chip. Anyone tried it ? WIll it open for 24 hours ? Is there any similar kiosk machine available in manama?
The only kiosk which is available 24 hours is Seef Mall Muharraq. You can just go over there, Insert your CPR, click update details, and type in the new address or it will show to confirm the new address, Pay 1 BHD and it is complete.