Becoming an estate agent

I want to know how one can become an estate agent in Spain? Beside knowing the housing market and Spanish language, what else is needed?
I appreciate your comments.


You would also need to know all about finances, loans and contractual obligations of both the agency and the borrower.
Also licencing for real estate agents.

Your proficient in Spanish language would need to be very good to aid in dealing with both customer and banks.

I may be wrong but, apart from going through the process of opening a legal business, I don't think you need any particular qualifications. During the boom years there were estate agents all over the place, operating legally, but with absolutely no prior knowledge about real estate/property - most were just in it for the easy money though others saw something they could do with limited language skills as they were aiming for their home populations moving to Spain.

There is a Spanish professional organisation API, for which you need to obtain profesional qualifications

Hello Stumpy
Thank you for your reply.
Yes I assume one needs to know certain laws and requirements. You mentioned licencing, where do I get it?

Hello Culebronchris
Thank you for your reply.
What professional qualification were you thinking of?

Check the API website. I have no idea.

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