Carpooling in Dominican Republic

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In order to move around in Dominican Republic, you will have to spend time on the road; for your work commute, to drop your children off at school or for everyday trips. Carpooling could be the right option for you. We would like to know your views on carpooling as a means of transport, and whether it is a practical and cost-effective option.

Is carpooling and cost-sharing common practice in Dominican Republic? What about the regulations in force?

For which types of journey does carpooling seem more suitable in Dominican Republic? How much is the cost of a carpool trip?

Is there an app or other means available to connect people looking to carpool? How do you find other carpoolers?

If you are carpooling in Dominican Republic, what precautions should you take to travel safely?

According to you, what are the advantages and disadvantages of carpooling?

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Public transportation in the big cities is fairly efficient and inexpensive.  We have several levels of transportation.

Car.pooling isn't really needed.  It may exist on some very informal level between co-workers but I can't see this really as a huge topic of conversation.

Better we use this to discuss current transportation options.

I live in the big city. We have a metro, or Subway system.  We have an overhead tram that feeds into the metro, another one is in construction.

We have large city buses, with new ones being added and routes being added.

We also have other buses that run specific routes.

We.have carros publico and gua guas.  These are public cars and vans. They run specific routes and are priced accordingly. They are 90% beat up pieces of garbage with drivers who are maniacs. They are cheap transportation.

Then we have motoconchos - motorcycle taxis. Here in the city they are limited to specific areas.  These tend to be inexpensive as well.

Then we also have taxis, Uber etc that operate.

In smaller areas you are limited to carros publico,.guaguas and motoconchos.

Intercity there are two big companies that run. Metro Bus and Caribe Tours.  There are multiple smaller companies some running routes with large highway buses and some with medium size buses.

Almost all out transportation systems are inexpensive for expats to use. Be aware of gringa pricing, don't overpay.  Most of our systems are reasonably safe.

It is an adventure for visitors to get into a carrot publico or gua gua.  Everyone should do it!  😃😃😃

I have wondered how Uber is so cheap in Santo Domingo.

Cheaper then taxis that is for sure!  Way way cheaper then an Uber in the USA.

Uber was great when in Santo Domingo last year. We got around quite a bit for no more than $25 total!

Uber is Definitely great in Santo Domingo. One could make the argument that it's cheaper than owning a car. Figure 350 car payment, 170 Insurance $100 gas per month and that's quite a few Uber rides in DR. I'm considering selling my car rather than bring it.

And car payments here are expensive as is gasoline! 

Uber can be less expensive depending how.much you need to use your car.

How much Uber charge for medium trip I mean it too far let say for 20 to 30 mint drive?

Between 4 and 5 dollars.

I have 4 vehicles and until I moved to San Cristobal I used Uber almost as much as my own vehicles.
Uber in San Cristobal has been a little slow to catch on but they're getting there. Sort of a  "chicken or the egg" situation.

Diksha, what is transportation like in your country?

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