Single permit - change of address

Dear all,

I had to travel to India while my single permit application was under process. I have now received annexe 46 which has my old address in Brussels.

I am currently in India and I will travel to Brussels shortly. I have rented a new apartment which comes under a different commune.

I have recieved my SP approval documents over email and I think they have also been sent to my old commune.

To get the annexe 49, do I need to visit the old commune or can I go directly to the new commune?

Could anyone please help with this question.

If your address is registered with your ID then they will send the document to new townhall.

Hi, no its not registered. Because I am still in India.


So be logic, you have to go in your old townhall. And there, you will tell them that you're gona relocate in another place.

Indeed, as Phipiemar suggests, go to your old commune, get the SP, go to the new commune, register for address change so that the records will be updated with your new address.

Thanks a lot, Phipiemar and Aneesh!

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