Query on getting visa for an Indian startup for consulting business


I bootstraped an Indian startup ( private limited company)and has been running it for a year although with out much revenue.I want to venture out for consulting business in Brussels. I have contacts there as I worked for a bank a decade before , but not sure of a process, could any one let me know which of the below is best alternative

A. Get a professional card and open a branch or register a company with local director ( not sure about the time line and cost involved)
B. Get a local tie up with company registered already in Belgium and agree on revenue sharing model
C. Immigrate in a normal type b visa , find business and then do either A or B


The easiest is "B". Because like that, you rely on an already existing structure. Then you can count on a year of partnership to see if it's profitable or not.

Thanks for your input, I have friends running company will touch base with them

Indeed, route B is the lighter one with less risk (or cost).

I can be of help locally ! :) :)

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