need help securing kuwait birth certificate

Hi there,

I live and work in the USA and need help securing a birth certificate from Kuwait. It was lost during the invasion. I have my civil id copy after invasion. I am willing to pay you extra if any body can help me secure my birth certificate.. Any help is appreciated. Thank you and God bless you.


This is Abdullah from Kuwait, do you have any other documents than your civil ID?

hi Abdullah,

I have Indian embassy of Kuwait birth certificate. and some school documents proving birth in Kuwait. .

Sounds like you need wasta!!

Dear Ann

PM me your copy of your civil Id and all document and i will do my best to help.


Thanks diver for suggesting help! however I was able to secure it . Also no wasta is required. just latest civil id as long as you are born after the year 1982. before that you need a copy of your birth certificate.

Great 👍... I wish you all the best dear

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