Issue duplicate birth certificate from Kuwait


I'm an Indian National born in Kuwait (1985) and no longer reside in Kuwait. I lost my birth certificate in the invasion and now am in need of it.

I have read several forums however most of them do not accurately list the documents required. In addition I would also like to know if I can authorize a friend or relative to go and do this formality on my behalf as I no longer reside in Kuwait?

Documents/Information I already have:
- Civil id number only (don't have original or copy of civil id)
- Old passport copy with residence visa stamp and MOI number
- Copy of Birth certificate

Could you let me know if this is sufficient?

yes the docs you mentioned enough any of your friend or relative may approach Deaths and Births registration office which is situated near Imam Ali mosque in maidan hawally .get 2 kd stamp this the fee to get the certificate issued
best regards

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