Expat.com is looking for advisors/experts in Morocco

Hello everyone,

Expat.com is the leading community platform dedicated to expatriation that aims to help those who live or wish to live abroad, including Morocco.

We are currently looking for one or more advisors/experts ( volunteers) with a good knowledge about Morocco and to be more specific in Casablanca to help keep the forum active, and help members in their journey to gather information about their move abroad.

You will join a team who comes from all corners of the world and whose ambition is to share their knowledge of their host country.

So that you have a better idea of ​​the possible missions of an advisor/expert, we have created an introduction page which I invite you to read  :  Experts program.

Thank you in advance for your help and support, I wish you a great day,

Expat.com Team

Hi Bhavna,

Just read your article on Expat.com, and here is brief introduction of myself.

Im Moroccan, studied, worked and lived in USA, UK, Middle East, Asia etc, as s former air forces veterain and intellectual, I have good knowledge of the in & out of the country as well as the law/regulation, economy, tourism etc. I live in Rabat, if you think I can be of any good help/volunteer to Expat.com plz do not hesitate to contact me on my email and discuss more details.

im interestd

Welcome to the forum salahanzif

You need to be an expat living in Morocco to be considered for this.

no im not expat

stumpy wrote:

Welcome to the forum salahanzif

You need to be an expat living in Morocco to be considered for this.

Hi I'm an expat been living in morocco for almost 7 years. I'm a company director in morocco and outside of morocco. I have enough experience  of the country that can assit people moving here.

If I can be of any assistance please feel free to contact me. I only speak English and currently live in Marrakech and married in Morocco.

Keep safe and have a great day.

Hi arifesa786

I am Priscilla from the Expat.com team.

I am contacting you in private. :)

Thank you,

Expat.com Team

@Vakil ,

you can start your assistance wright here😂😂

i am in Marrakech wright now until the end of this month, trying to figure out the best way to start a business here. I have double nationality Belgian/marrocan ( born in Belgium).

I would really love to make the move to this beautiful city by starting a beautysalon in Gueliz/hivernage area. I have the skills and degrees to do this.

My biggest struggle today is where to go for further info regarding the financial help given by the state to marrocans from Europe or other countries to support them in starting up businesses in marroco.

the outcome of this wil lead me to the next step in wether to buy or rent the salon🙈

i do speak french, but not enough to understand the information given on any website regarding this topic.

i do hope someone could gide me trough this maze😔


Hello Amal-Belgium, Welcome on board !

@Vakil has come a long way since that post. He is already the official Morocco Expert of Expat.com

However your post is off-topic on this announcement.

Please post a new topic on the Morocco forum so that members can guide you.

All the best,


@Bhavna please feel free should you need any infos..

If you're in search of someone again I would be very interested!

Hello bromfri,

Welcome to expat.com!

Don't hesitate to browse on the Morocco forum and to participate on the various discussions there.

We will get back to you shortly afterwards.



Expat.com team

I wanted to work in Morocco. Any opportunities available please let me know

Hello Ashwin,

Welcome to expat.com!

Kindly note that the forum is not the right place to look for a job.

I invite you to check the current job offers in the Jobs in Morocco section where you may also add your CV.

Best of luck,


Expat.com team

@Amal- Belgium

Hey there  :)  i wonder if you can help me decide!

which the best city for an American to expat to in Morroco? and  how hard is the resident visa and for how long before it renews?


Hello Fandango2020,

Unfortunately Amal- Belgium has been inactive from the forum for some time now.

For more visibility, I invite you to start your own thread on the Morocco forum. You will be able to garner more responses from members that way.



Expat.com team