USD1100 per month = what type of standards of living in Cairo?

Can anyone help me understand what standards of living in Cairo would usd1100 per month provide?

For a household of 2 - mom and young child under 12years old.

1100usd a month to pay for
-phone bills
-eating out
-some shopping

School expenses not included in this 1100usd.

What standards of living can I get from this monthly 1100usd?
Is it enough for a comfortable living?

That is more than adequate or about sufficient enough.
For living in a really  good  area, wit decent owners or landlords with all the correct papers (notarized contracts etc, that's something they must do).
Utilities are often low priced.
Basically it depends on where you live.
Better to go with furnished apartment etc
If choose an empty one you'll end up paying more for it in the long run because would need to buy
furniture etc.
Check airbnb.

Try for costs

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