Spouse visa documentation for type D


My husband got a single permit of Belgium. and in prmit it is mention that spouse also can apply at the same time . BUT
1. What are the requirements that we need to fulfil?
2. And without residence address can we apply?
3. Which documents need to submit for spouse?

Please let me know



Search in the forum. There are plenty of threads discussing this topic in a very detailed level.

Thanks for your reply aneesh

Actually there is aloot of topics and details and deffrnt and. I can't not find the actual answer that's why I asked to u

I request u to please guide me I have no other way to know about this

My husband friend live in Belgium he guide too. but he also don't have a perfect knowledge about this. He said u can apply ur wife visa same time without any legalized documentation  and residence just ur legalized documents are needed to apply for both of u ....

But in websits of Belgium it is different answers...

Without police clearance certificate and medical certificate how can I apply with my husband am totally confused . am I applying same time or not? if I am applying what I need to do and what documents are needed?  are documents required or not?

Pleez please please help me I request to guide me please am very thank full to you

Information is there, you need to take time to research.

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