Payment methods in Poland

Hello everyone,

Once you're settled in Poland, you will need to make some basic purchases, like groceries or pay bills. Hence, it is essential to know the payment methods available in your host country.

Which are the most common payment methods in Poland? Why would you prefer some forms over others?

Does the amount of money or the type of paid services (groceries, bills, rent, etc.) determine the choice of payment methods?

Are there any apps at your disposal which make the payment process easier in Poland?

Can certain foreign currencies be used to make payments?

Have your habits in terms of payment methods changed since moving to Poland?

Thanks for sharing your experience,



I have been living in Poland for more than a year now and almost everything is bought using debit or credit cards, rarely people use cash here, even if they use cash only Polish Zloty is expected.

So basically you don't need to take the burden of keeping the cash all the times, everything, taxi, groceries, medicals, public transport will accept payment digitally.

While it comes to pay house rent, it's very easy to to bank transfers here, all you need is bank accounts of both debit and credit parties and it only take 2-5 mins either using mobile apps or online.

In summary, life is simple and hassle free while paying for anything here.