Student life and expenses.

Hi everyone. I'm planning for a Masters Degree (1.5 Yrs) in a Polish University.

I want to know what is the best way to carry money to Poland for tuition fee and daily expenses.

I've got some ideas from few friends, who study abroad like ...
1)Carry as Cash Passport in Euro.
2)Bring the Indian Credit/Debit card.
3)Transfer money thru Swift from India to Polish bank account (create new one once arrive).

Guys.. Please do help in choosing a budget and best way to bring cash into Poland, if anyone have any other option feel free to suggest me..

Thanks in Advance.. :)


I simply use my bank chipped debit card to withdraw money from the ATM. When asked if you want it charged in your currency or Zloty, I take Zloty. I do the same at retail stores or Restrauants. The exchange rate is better paying in Zloty and letting your convert.