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I have met a girlfriend in Bogota Colombia and after som time of talking we decided to start for her to learn the dutch language. I can buy a online cursus here for her. I am also looking for a teacher who can teach her dutch. She is a Spanish native speaker now. and to learn dutch with a Spanish background is our issue how to do that.  Were to look for it was my question. it can be an online teacher as long she will be thought well. It is also in just the beginning fase but to have an name and person we can call later would be perfect.

Greetings Richard

Hello Richard,

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In addition to seeking recommendations directly from our members, why don't you try your luck and post a free advert to look for Dutch language classes in Bogota?

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Team Expat.com

Thank you for your comment but no luck with that. I know there is a dutch school for kids in bogota but they do not reply as well. I hope that someone can help me

Here's a Facebook page for Dutch classes in Bogotá:


Here's another web page that advertises several native Dutch teachers in Bogotá:


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