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Hi, I am inquiring about good school in Bogota for my son. He is 1lmost 14 now and from 2014, august, he will live in Bogota with his father. Year 11-12 will be in Bogota. My son, Jerome lives with me in Bangladesh (i am divorced) and goes to Grace International School. Which is a very good school and follows British curriculum. Jerome is a good student, and he wants to be an Architect.

Jerome's  father have suggested COLEGIO GRAND BRETANA in Botota.

What i see from web, it looks like a good school but I dont see this school listed in!!
Do you have any suggestion? advise? Jerome speaks English and French. In future, we might send him to Belgium for further studies.

many many thanks...


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My son will be starting year 11 at gran bretana. Look around the other posts in the bogota blog and we've posted quite a bit about schools. Feel free to message me with questions.


Well if your son speaks french and he´ll go to Belgium i recomend you the Liceo Frances... is a good privete school. and the teaching is mainly about french but also teach english, wich is a good combination. The best scholar life in Colombia is in privet school.
Gran Bretaña school is also a very good school, but you are telling about going to Belgium which is almost french speaking language, so that could be it.

Good look.

You may want to investigate a private catholic school.  I think that they teach good values and he can learn the language well. 
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Hi Erin,  my family is currently living in the US, my son is 5 and we are considering a move to Bogota.  I have read your posts about schools there and wanted to ask if you could share more about your experience with colegio Gran Bretaña and also if you know abou CNG.  Thank you

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CNG is the best school for every students aged k-12. The experiences offered are extremely valuable. Every teacher comes from the US which is a huge benefit for the kids.

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