International/bilingual schools for kids of two dads

Hello all,

We may be moving to Bogota within the next year and are looking for schools that will be best for our three young kids. We are a married, two-dad family, one American and the other Colombian. We are all bilingual and currently live abroad.

Although the laws on marriage equality have changed, obviously things may be different on the ground. What we care most about is that our kids will be happy, accepted, and receive a great education. We plan to stay in Colombia, so our kids will graduate from whatever school they attend. We are both highly educated professionals, willing to advocate for our kids.

Any ideas? I assume that a school with more expats, like Colegio Gran Bretana, would make more sense in terms of openness, but I could be wrong. Colegio Anglo Colombiano mentions non-discrimination in its mission statement, but does that carry over into the parent body, I wonder. Does Montessori British School have more expats?

Please feel free to send me a PM or response on the forum. Thank you much.

Yes, any of the international schools should be fine, but I wouldn't rule out other private Colombian schools--except for those with religious ties. Definitely be open and up front with any administration; how they respond to your concerns will be very telling.  Honestly, I would focus more on a school with the right educational fit for your kids, as well as proximity to where you live.  My biggest concerns with most of the top private schools here is how they reinforce and strengthen the pervasive classism of Colombia. As an out gay man (no kids) who has resided in Bogota for 7 years, my experience is that attitudes towards homosexuality vary widely, but the overall culture of the city is one of reserve and respect, and that can help insulate you from a lot crap that you might encounter elsewhere. There are a lot of highly educated people here, and from my personal experience, it has been very easy to find an open and accepting community.

Thank you so much for your reply. Great advice. We currently live in another Latin American country where the laws are not so open, and we've done just as you suggested. We spoke with the school beforehand, and things have worked out well. It's good to know that you've been treated with respect in your time in Bogota. Thanks again!

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