Finding Intensive Spanish Course in Bogotá

Hi All,

I am an expat living in Bogotá and my husband will be joining me in 2 weeks. He speaks no Spanish, so I am trying to find a good, affordable, intensive Spanish course for him to take. Does anyone have any suggestions? We are open to small classes or a private tutor. He will probably be taking classes for 2-3 months.

I have researched the following online, but I am not sure of the quality of any of them, and some are a little costly.

- Language International (
- Universidad Sergio Arboleda (
- Berlitz (too expensive)

Any advice would be much appreciated. We live close to el parque 93, so anything close to that would be even better.


Hi and welcome on board Mindy!

Maybe you could try posting an advert in the classes section of Bogota classifieds.
It might help!




Hi Woolen,
Did you manage to find any courses? I just arrived and am also looking for intensive spanish courses. I was recommended the Allianza Francesa but their courses start at the beginning of the month.. They also suggested that we could start a semi-private class with a few people together..
Looking forward to hear from you..

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Jaja yes tell your husband to get a Colombian girlfriend....

I am coming too in March and speak very little. Your husband and I  can hang out and teach each other.

Mindy I am an american here in Bogota for 4 months now.  I have a friend who is a translator/teacher and would be willing to help.

Simply respond to me with your email and let's talk further and I'll put you in touch.



Hi, I´m Colombian. Spanish language teacher in Lisbon, 19 years experience. I´ll be moving to Colombia but not yet. I specialized in intensive courses and also prepare students for the official language exam (DELE). If interested, I can teach him online (skype). Regards.

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Hi Daniel Troncoso,

Please can you post your advert in the Language classes in Bogota section, this might be helpful. :)

Thank you,


Here is a great new school that just opened with some of my old teachers from another school. These where the best teachers I had and they started their own school. I would highly recommend them to teach you Spanish.

For spanish and english classes, [moderated: no free ads pls]

If your husband does not speak any spanish, it should be easy for him to pick it up.  Columbia has a very interesting accent and different than say, Ecuador or Venezuela.  I like the accent alot and should not be a problem for him.  Have fun.

I have been going to HTL in Bogotá, the best part is they are very flexible with your schedule, friendly and you learn fast.    hope this helps

Hi!im looking for a spanish school for a 2 weeks intensive course. Did you find any good to recommend?


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