Concerned mother looking for best international school in Bogota

I've been reading and Expat forum on international schools in Bogota for the last two hours and quite frankly do not know what to think! :o
Some recommend the CNG and Anglo and others say they are snobby and soft when it comes to disciplining Bogota's elite.
I have two small children and my family is thinking on moving to Bogota in Fall 2018. My oldest will be 4 at that time and we are looking for a school with high academic standards, multicultural and strict. I want my daughter to learn about values and develop in a safe and nurturing environment.
I would really appreciate other expat parent inputs about their experiences in international colegios in Bogota. Help me please :(

My kids go to the Anglo, and it is literally the best. The values of the Anglo kids will make you ashamed of your own country. The older kids even take part in building homes for the poor as "social projects" giving them a sense of humility and compassion towards those less fortunate.  Discipline, especially the encouragement of self-discipline, is excellent, and the academic standards are first class. I can't say more.

CNG is by far the best school, all 3 of my kids go here and there is nothing best. The campus is amazing, as well as the quality of education. Every teacher comes from the US, with an exception of those who teach spanish classes. The experiences they get in class trips are extremely valuable, both as with friends as with vulnerable communities. As an addition, the learning center is available to all students who need it, valuing every kiddo no matter the differences. There is definitely no better choice, CNG offers the best for every student.

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