Vakantiegeld vs paid leave

I work in horeca in Belgium and recently took some holidays/vacations (about 3 weeks off), of course authorized on paper, by my employer, as vacation days. My employer told me however , upon my return to work, that the days I took off will not be paid to me, because I already got vakantiegeld from 'sociaal fonds horeca.' I thought vakantiegeld was an extra, besides the vacations/days off that a company is obliged to pay its workers, which in Belgium is I believe around 20 working days.  Am I correct? I'll appreciate the feedback.

Yes your employer were right. You have received your vacation money so your vacations days were not paid as well. These vacation day were from last year and they normally give it during May or June and at those times the company ask you as well if when do you plan to have you vacations days.

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