Good day everyone! I hope this post finds you well. I am Yesha, a Filipino Citizen of legal age and engaged to a Belgian Citizen. I am transgender and I have applied for a Visa in view of Marriage last June 18, 2019 and got interviewed last June 20. The wedding will be on the 21st of September. I know that it's still roughly two months from now but I'd like to ask how long it usually takes until I get a decision regarding my visa application. I have to admit, it has been making me anxious considering the fact since it has already been a month after my interview. I know that it usually depends per person but maybe getting your insights would somehow allay my anxiety. True enough, the waiting time is the most difficult time of all. Thank you for reading this. :)


All the answers to your questions can be found in the articles already published on the site. So use the "search" function. 77 topics...

And do not forget that:
- Always inquire at the embassy / consulate of the country where you wish to go ...

Hi mine took 1 month and 21 days but it was way back 2016. As long as your papers are complete, you do not have to worry about it. Hoping for a positive result with your visa application.

Thank you very much!

Hello , i applied for my reuinion visa with my spouse last year in August and got my visa within 7 working days. Make sure all your documents are legalized. The waiting game is the hardest
Good luck 👍🏻

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