Entering Belgium with Residence Permit but no Work Permit


I am from India, currently working in Belgium with a single permit (Type B work permit loaded to Residence Permit). I am changing my employer, my current employment ends by 31-July, then I am planning to visit India and come back to Belgium and join my new employer on 26-Aug. But when I re-enter Belgium in August my residence permit will be valid but my work permit would have been deregistered by my current employer by that time. Would I be stopped at immigration if my residence permit is not attached to any work permit?

Note: My new employer is initiating a EU Blue card in which I will be having a temporary / provisional work permit with me in August, with which I can start working, but I will apply for a blue card which will take up to 90 days, during which my current residence permit is valid.


Normally the validity of the residence permit is coupled with the validity of the work permit. So unless you officially prove to the "Office des étrnagers" that you already have another job. As soon as they receive the declaration of end of contract with the employer that will have allowed you to obtain the work permit, everything will be automatically canceled.

I have my new contract signed with new employer. My work permit is in process with the authorities for new employer. Can this contract be used to request commune from not cancelling the residence permit?

Yes, you must go there asap.

Town hall confirmed that my residence permit will stay valid even if I change my employer. It stays valid till I cancel this residence permit to create a new card attached to the new work permit. They also confirmed that I can travel to India and reenter Belgium with the current residence permit which will not be attached to any work permit.

Having said that, I would advise anyone in this situation to personally check with respective town hall and confirm as the procedures and rules keep changing.

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