Food and cars

Good morning everyone.

I am a 53 year old divorced guy, moving from London to Amwaj in 3 weeks time, and would appreciate some advice. I visited this weekend, but still have a lot to learn about practicalities.

Firstly, I am a poor and lazy cook, and in England eat a lot of ready meals. Are these easily available in Amwaj or elsewhere in Manama? If so, where do you recommend?

I also need a car, preferably an immediately available lease car, either new or up to 3 or 4 years old. Can anyone recommend who to contact? My impression from brief research is that both purchase and lease prices are higher than England, I imagine because it’s a much smaller market so there are fewer economies of scale.

Finally, are there any expat social groups with a mix of people where I might make some new friends?

On the first, there are tons of options.  You can use food delivery apps like Talabat or Hunger station.

Lease options are more expensive but purchase options, especially for bigger cars would be cheaper than the UK.  You can google the agencies and call them - sometimes they give deals to people to lease long term.  Purchase, especially second hand, requires you to be here and do a bit of legwork for deals.

Expat social groups exists e.g. internations but your best bet is to join a club like British or Rugby club.  Lots of people from the UK on there.

Thank you, that’s helpful.

I’ve since spoken to my company and they will help me find a lease car.

I’ll certainly look at the British club, thanks.


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