Dear Forum Members,

I am an Indian expat living in Bahrain from past 3 years, I need a notary for the document which is to be submitted to the Indian government and the form is also an part of an Indian commercial government official document. Can I make notary of any kind in MoJ, Kingdom of Bahrain or I need to make it from private notary official.

Please do help me in getting the notary for my documents.

Thanks in Advance.


Depends on the document.  Most notary requests for your own country are handled directly by the Embassies i.e. you go there and do it.

Barring that, MOJ notaries serve as official government notaries but they don't notarise all documents e.g. certification of true copies etc.  For those, you need a private lawyer.

Dear XTang,

Can you suggest few Private Notaries in Bahrain, please.

Sumanth Vallabhaneni

There are private lawyers (not notaries) all over.  Google it.  The ones I have used would be too expensive i.e. Tamimi.

I need to notarise my passport copy(indian). Can I do it here? What are charges?I heard it can be checked at GOSI complex?

Public notary won't certify or attest passport copies.  Only a private lawyer will do that - not necessarily notary.   Any registered lawyer would do.   Depends on what you need it for.

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