Canadian driver’s license conversion to Kuwaiti driver’s license


I’ve recently moved from Canada to Kuwait for work. I wanted to know if it is possible to obtain Kuwaiti driver’s license on the basis of my Canadian driver’s license if so what’s the process?

Appreciate your feedback.



The license must be required
Foreigners must translate the foreign license data and certify it from their embassies and the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry to match the applicant's data according to the ministerial decision No. (2005/1729)

Required Documents

Translation of foreign license (non-Arabic)
Non - Arab License
Number of (2) personal photos size (4 × 6) with a blue background
Copy of Civil ID

Bring the required documents and send them to the General Directorate of Traffic in your governorate
Fill out the service forms
Pay the due fees

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Thanks very much. Appreciate it.


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