Canadian driver’s license conversion to Kuwaiti driver’s license


I’ve recently moved from Canada to Kuwait for work. I wanted to know if it is possible to obtain Kuwaiti driver’s license on the basis of my Canadian driver’s license if so what’s the process?

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The license must be required
Foreigners must translate the foreign license data and certify it from their embassies and the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry to match the applicant's data according to the ministerial decision No. (2005/1729)

Required Documents

Translation of foreign license (non-Arabic)
Non - Arab License
Number of (2) personal photos size (4 × 6) with a blue background
Copy of Civil ID

Bring the required documents and send them to the General Directorate of Traffic in your governorate
Fill out the service forms
Pay the due fees

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Unfortunately, the general manager at Traffic department Shuwaikh/Asma said that there is no more foreign drivers license exchange happening in Kuwait. Not sure if he just brushed me away or really there are no more driver license exchanges in Kuwait.

the exchange only for American people with american driving licence.
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No that’s not true. I am Canadian and got my license exchanged.

You can get a kuwaiti License if you are working in Kuwait and receiving more than 650 KD a month.

That is if you have a bachelor's degree and your title fall under the chosen ones like doctors, engineers and few others...

If you hold a bachelor's degree but your designation doesn't fall under the chosen ones, then you will have to wait for 2 years before you can apply for driver's license.

As for some countries, including Canada, you can get Kuwaiti Driver's License based on the home country valid driver's license.

Hi Tariq for canadian license transfer this doesnt matter if your visa is an engineer or supervisor status???

Good day - I just recently landed in Kuwait,  and I hold a canadian license.  Would you mind taking the time letting me know the exact process, where to go to get my license transferred to Kuwait license.  I was advise because of my visa not being engineering I will need to wait for 1-2 years before getting my kuwait license.

I would appreciate your response


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FYI - I have bachelors degree but visa is not engineering but supervisor.  I hold canada driver's license and I have been advise that I am not able to transfer my driver's license directly into Kuwait license.

Is this true?

As far as I know the rules have remained the same. You need to be a university degree holder, have lived in Kuwait for not less that two years since first entry and earn a monthly salary of KD 600 or more.
There are some professions that are excluded from the two year residence requirement.

You can inquire about the current conditions (and most likely get rejected) here:

Good luck!

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