Cheapest car rental in Kuwait?

Hello guys,

Does anyone know any cheap car rental around Salmiya?  Something like around 4 KD per day.

Thank you :)

Hi there

Kindly please realize that I am telling you this in case you are unaware:

I can get you lots of them in the ads newspaper but the problem is as you might already know and unfortunately many newbie expats are not aware of is that SOME if not most of them would require that you sign a draft first.. like just a plain empty paper and then later they would sue you for whatever amount that they can think of.

Do not just settle for any car just because it was the cheapest that you could find. The minute they give you the draft do not sign anything.

Personally I am not aware if things had since changed or that new laws had been established to prevent this sort of horrible thing regarding this but I just wanted you to know in case you do not know already.

I am talking about the small car rental places NOT the companies. As far as my knowledge is I believe that companies go with contracts. You just have to be extremely careful with what you sign.

Good luck!

I couldn't edit my comment.. so adding this:

In case all of them require this draft just make sure you guarantee that they cannot ever sue you.. like get a signature and them writing that you do not owe them anything.


Hi there,

Thanks a lot for your reply. Unfortunately that's the case here.

Well sorry if I didn't get into details. I own a car but I am fixing it, so I just need to rent a car for the weekend. So max 2-3 days.

Do you advice any or know someone? Or do you have a spare car  ? :)

Oh! I am sorry that I got too carried away then. It's just that it reminded me of a story that I am unable to forget.

Yes I know. Besides I will scan you a couple of numbers in case you do not agree to their prices and send them today.

Best of luck~

Ok great, thank you.

Will be waiting for ur reply :)


All the ones that I could find in Salmiya. There is one with prices beginning from 2KD a day.. I will keep looking for the ad and update my message.

I do not know if I can post them here so I sent them in a private message.

Thanks dear...much appreiciated :)

You are welcome.   :cheers:

Hello there, what is the name of that car rental place in Salmiya? If the rental is 2KD per day then its 60KD/per month and that's kind of reasonable. Are the cars reliable? Thx!

Hi DanaQ,

            what is the name of that car rental place in Salmiya? If the rental is 2KD per day then its 60KD/per month and that's kind of reasonable. Are the cars reliable? Thx!

Dana went MIA :)

Oh, thats messed up.  :sosad: Well, do you, by chance know of any places???

It's barely impossible to find renting for 2KD per day...the minimum i found in salmiya was 4.

For how long are you staying here?

Oh, I see. I'll be here, at least, throughout 2018. I just got my KDL and I'm thinking about the lease option, but I don't want to spend over 50KD/month. I'm just trying to research places.

It sounds like a mission impossible for me .

Anyhow if you found something around this price, please do let me know. Thank you :)

Hey would u mind if you can tell me also the same car rentals  for the 60kd in interested. Thank you

Hello Ann, by any chance did you find a car rental for that amount of money?

Were you able to find a place to rent a car for a reasonable price. I will be in Kuwait for one month and wanted to rent a car but for a reasonable price. Thanks!

Looking to rent a car in salmiya for a reasonable price for one month. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I suggest you to go to Ardeya Industrial area.  There are many car rental companies in Ardeya Industrial area. Monthly rent average for non expensive car is between 130 kd to 150 kd.

Thank you. I will definitely check that area and see what prices they quite me.

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