Travel within EU on Annex 15 | RP Renewal.


During RP Renewal, during the period where you handed over your old RP to commune for Renewal and the time when you actually get the new RP in hand.
- Can we travel outside Belgium but within EU Zone using Annex 15 which the commune gives us?

This Renewal is as per old method (before Single Permit)


No, it's clearly written :

"This certificate covers the stay in Belgium of the person concerned for the duration of his / her occupation"

Annex 15 is a temporary document for an administrative procedure under way in Belgium. This does not give you any right to travel in the European Union.

Okay that’s what I thought as well. Looks like some commune doesn’t take your expiring RP until they hand you over the new one. But some takes it, causing this situation to not travel outside Belgium during the renewal period.

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