Question about validity of passport while entering Belgium

Question about validity of passport:

When you travel back to the Belgium, what is the minimum number of months that must remain in your (non-EU) passport validity? is there any regulation about this ? I searched a lot, and many forums or discussion boards say 3 months, but I could not find any official regulation about this. Any of you have ideas/pointers/references?

(Practical scenario: A person (Indian national with residence permit in Belgium) is coming back to Belgium after vacation (his residence permit is valid). His Indian passport has only 4 more months validity left on the date of his return to Belgium. He plans to renew it via the Embassy once he is back here. He wants to know if the immigration in Belgium has any regulation about minimum months of validity left in the passport when he enters.).

As long as the passport is valid, I don't see where you would have a problem.  I don't think it matters about the "number" of months until the passport is invalid.

From what I can find online the passport should be valid for 6 months. Most countries require this.
I suggest you contact the nearest Belgium Embassy or Consulate for information.

Hello, thanks for the reply.

I contacted the authorities, and as such there is no limit for Belgium. You just must have enough time to renew it once you are here.

That's what I thought.

All the best.

It's a good rule of thumb never to enter any country unless your passport will continue to be valid for 3 months following your planned date of departure from that country, just in case you want to extend a visa or something else comes up. Trying to renew a passport from abroad can be problematic for some countries.

Better still if you've only got a short while left on your current passport you should apply for a new one before you travel, if time permits. The few months that you may lose on the old passport are going to be more than compensated for by the peace of mind that having a new one valid for 5 or 10 years will bring you.

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Thanks for reply

Dear, if I have my passport for renewal and as I have mentioned that I applied with my old passport for Belguim D type visa and my Visa has granted.
Don't I face any problem for Belgium visa with new passport to submit now for taking my visa.
Bcz in my old passport there is 5 months validation.
And they requeste at least 6 months validation.
Thank you

Thanks for reply

Dear, if I have my passport for renewal and as I have mentioned that I applied with my old passport for Belguim D type visa and my Visa has granted.
Don't I face any problem for Belgium visa with new passport to submit now for taking my visa.
Bcz in my old passport there is 5 months validation.
And they requeste at least 6 months validation.
Thank you

Submit both the passports. The old one (cancelled) and the new one. And a letter explaining this.

hmmm, I think you should first contact the Belgium embassy before doing anything, as the passport number will be different!

If I remember well, you must first cancel the old passport and give it back to your administration.
In your case, you can request to keep it after they cut it (you might need to pay for that... it depends on the country), then you request a new passport that you give back to the Belgium Embassy with the old one too.

Thank you so much dear

Hello expats,

I have a similar situation.
I am travelling to India for a vacation next month ( mid Feb) and would be returning back to Belgium ( mid March)

My Indian passport expires by 5th April 2020.

I have a valid SP till 2022.

I think my travel to India will not be a problem however, when I return, my passport validity can create issues.


I plan to renew my passport in India (as it will be faster there.

Does my plan sound ok, or do I need wait and renew the passport once I am back in Belgium.

Also, I travel via Qatar with a halt at Doha.

Awaiting your suggestions.

Hmmmmm I think you should contact your embassy first...

Let's say that, as a Belgian passport holder, I'm now an expat elsewhere in the world:
I can only renew my passport in the Belgian consulate where I am registered, and so officially living.
I can't go back in Belgium to renew my passport, they would only give me a temporary passport and not an ordinary one! (unless I come back to live in Belgium)

So better ask your embassy first, if you can request a new passport in India!

Your passport should NOT be expired before crossing the border, but the immigration will notify you that your passport is going to get expired and you should replace it asap. … mp;from=FR

Chapter 2. Article 8:
verification that the third-country national is in possession of a document which is valid for crossing the border and which has not expired, and that the document is accompanied, where applicable, by the requisite visa or residence permit;

Thanks for the reply alex.
I will surely check with the Indian embassy here.

It usually take 4 weeks to issue a new passport here but in India I will get it in 3 working days.
Hence as I will already be there, I plan to renew it there.

But than, my passport number will change during my travel.

Hence, to be on the safer side, I would want to renew once I am back in Belgium, but I just hope that the immigration here does not cause any issues for me as my passport will expire in less than a month on my return.

Also, I need to visit India urgently for personal reasons, it was not on the agenda as I knew my passport expiry is nearing, but I have to go (younger brothers wedding).

At some point, your passport is just a proof of your identity and your nationality.
As long it didn't expire, you should be fine as you have a resident permit. (In case of visa C, passport must be valid 3 months after the date of departure)
They'll be more interested in your belgian ID card which allow you to cross the border.

If you can really renew your passport in India, then ask them to keep the old one with you. (you might need it later... proof of previous visa in Europe, elsewhere, ...)
And make sure you modify your personal data on your flight ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As your passport number and validity would not be the same anymore and you might get denied by Qatar airways when you want to come back in Belgium!!!

Indian Embassy is saying otherwise.
They didnt give me a clear answer, but in a hurry I was informed that I will not be allowed to travel.

The airlines are ok if I get a new passport from India and travel back to Belgium.
But on the current passport, I will not be allowed to travel back.

Not sure what needs to be done now :(

Well, I'm not 100% sure your embassy is right... but at some point you don't have much choice...

You either request a passport in emergency (and you pay a lot more...)
Or you request a temporary passport (valid 1 year if I remember well)

At some point you should go to your embassy and talk with them, explaining your case (not by phone...)

Hi Alex,

Thanks for you advise through the tough time, appreciate that :)

Also, Wanted to share this update so that others can also benefit.

Indian Embassy visit,

The staff was ok,  had to run back and forth a bit as I have a peculiar issue ( they requested more documents at the last minute)

My application was submitted, however, they obviously did not guarantee if I will get my passport before I fly. The have mentioned that they will provide a letter from Indian embassy that I should be allowed to enter back to belgium as my new passport has already been filed for.

Lets hope things work in my favour or else I will have to do last minute cancellations of my flight and rebook, I guess that is the only option left now.

Thank you for the update !

Hi Alex / Aneesh,

Last question, is there anyway I can track my application online.
It was possible on the Indian portal I believe but I could not find any links or information on the Indian Embassy website.

Also, on the phone the gentleman does not share a lot of info.

There is no way to track your application online for Indian passport renewals done via the embassy. Normal processing time is 4-5 weeks. You have no choice but to wait.

Is it possible that I can apply with the new address (with Aadhar as proof) & add spouse name while applying for my passport renewal at Indian Embassy in Belgium ? Any additional documents required or formalities to be done ?

Thank you in advance for the feedback.

Aadhar should be enough to update new address. Embassy will ask you if they need any additional document. For adding spouses name you may need a copy of your marriage certificate.

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