Belgium Visa for Indian Citizen, currently in USA

I am an Indian citizen, but have been working in USA since last 3 years.
I am getting a job offer from a Belgian company to work in Belgium.

My question, can I apply for the workpermit & visa from USA or do I need to go to Indian.
Also, from where would I have to get the PCC in either case?

Inputs based on your knowledge and experience in this matter will be greatly appreciated.


I have earlier worked in Belgium, around 2013, but that time I completed all the visa related processes, including medical, PCC, etc, from India.

As you are a long term resident in US, you can apply there itself. You need PCC from US (as you are living there for the last few years)

Thanks Aneesh.
I Have been in USA for 3 years now.
Do you know whether I'll need to travel to India for anything related to Belgium visa & permit. I understand I may need Birth for family & Marriage Certi as well, but I can arrange those w/o going to India.


Unless you absolutely need a paper from India (diploma?), there's no need to go back in India.
As you're currently living in the USA, you can apply from the USA at any belgium consulate/embassy

https://unitedstates.diplomatie.belgium … sa-belgium

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