Im planning to live in malta..

-How much is salary for hotel Staff / Waitress/Hostess in malta?
- Working in Hospitality/catering employee has free meal on duty?
-Is it legal to do a part time job out side of your employer?
-1,200 euro monthly is enough to live in malta? (Accomodation,transpo,bills,food)

Thank you in advance .

1200 euro is an average salary here. So, I think it's enough but renting is pretty expensive...
You can read more here … ntry=Malta


Regarding the first 3 questions - I don't really know because I don't work in this line of business. About expenses, yeah, 1.2k should be just enough to afford a modest accommodation in a smaller town + basic food. Public transport is quite cheap - only up to 26EUR per month. Utilities for 1 person would cost you another 100EUR/m. Internet + cell phone would be also 100EUR/m all together. Food if you cook yourself would take another 250EUR/m. In the worst case scenario you may need to rent a room rather than apartment to save some money.

Welcome to Malta. I hope you enjoy it here.

Utilities for one person should be less then €100 per month, ours is less for two people.

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