market at marsaxlokk

Can anybody help me get to the sunday market at marsaxlokk?

I will be coming from Attard.

Also, does anybody know the times it is open please?

Many many thanks

Unfortunately I cannot help you get there. It is open all morning (probably till 1pm ?) but if you wish to shop rather than just browse, I'd recommend going early, especially for fish as it is not preserved on ice. It is an excellent market for fish and vegetable, there are also shoes and clothing.

i intend to go as have lots of things to sell but was told that the 3 cities market which is held at a football stadium is better has to go early and should u want to come with me u r welcome....wld be going next sunday ..i live in st,paul,s bay

Thanks all.

I've actually found the bus to take me there today, purely by luck actually.

The 3 cities market sounds interesting, any more info out there?

I'm hoping the rain stops in the morning as I fancy walking to the charity boot sale at the Corintian Hotel in Attard tomorrow but fancy trying the other markets another Sunday.