Best places to shop for clothes?

Hi all,

Where do you shop for clothes around here? I have been to the Tigne Point and the Plaza in Sliema, see some familiar brands, but the prices are just way too much than what you would pay for this stuff in US. Are there any discount stores of brand clothing? Like TJMaxx or Marshalls in US? Any department stores, offering good quality clothes? Thanks a lot for any advice!


For hints and tips and sales etc on how and where to shop try the facebook page malta shopping.....

I would recommend online shopping. it's very limited here and you basically named all the shopping areas. The facebook group Malta shopping has a detailed list of websites that deliver here.

The cheapest clothes shops on the island are probably New Look and Terranova

iamharibo :

The cheapest clothes shops on the island are probably New Look and Terranova

do you think they are cheap?

Malta has proved to be the most expensive place i have ever had to be buy clothes in. Further - the sizing is very very suspect.

Best Place to Buy Clothes is the UK ;)

Tesco and Asda are Great at the Moment, bringing a full suitcase home with me :)


New Look and Terranova are cheapest I have found, jeans for 9.99 and tops for a fiver- pretty good I think. Places like Topshop and Dorothy Perkins exchange into euros at a rate of 1.52 making them much more expensive over here when the actual exchange is approx 1.19 so I would advise everyone to boycot those shops!

Sizing is pretty crazy though, I agree, especially with the mens stuff. My boyfriend and his friends were in Caliope and tried on a top, it was too small... it was XXL and my boyfriend is skinny as a bean pole!

UK and online shopping is the only way!

I so agree that Tesco and Asda are great value and wish we were going over there (we normally do this time of year) just for their clothes as even with cost of flights its still cheaper for  the right clothes.....Tesco are looking into shipping here as they have been flooded with requests to do so - maybe more is get facebooking them guys and gals.

Thought I´d add I think I have seen that Tesco are sending clothes here now so thats an option. I know what you mean Irina I think children's clothes here are a complete rip off considering they stain/damage them so quickly. H&M and Primark please Malta :)

Just got this back from Tesco today :-

Clothing at Tesco
Hi Julian N Tina

Thanks for your request. Malta has been requested several times now to be included in our International Delivery destinations :)
We have passed this request back to our Developement Team for consideration.

There will be exciting developements this year so hopefully Malta will be included.

Take care
Pamela-Customer Care

Hi Julian we got one of these too....

Thats fantastic news, I´ll send them a request as well :)

the more people who ask makes it more likely for them to go ahead....

Sounds like they are going to look, get your freinds and colleagues to do it as well..... lts Get Tesco Delivering and maybe .... just maybe the Maltese clothes will come down in Price


How are we contacting them for this request? Is it via a facebook page or the contact details on the website? Sounds promising!!

i know loads of people who have done it on the tesco facebook page and they have always got a reply

I did it on the facebook Page, like the page and made a comment.

I do hope that this isnt false promises on behalf of Tesco


John Lewis included Malta for deliveries about 6 months ago. Their John Lewis clothes label is cheaper than the other branded label clothes they stock and are very good quality. I have worn and washed their clothes for years and still going strong.

Nice one rooikat...didnt know that

Thanks rooikat great news on that one :)

Although  £40.00 for a shirt as opposed to £5.00 from Tesco ....


true ... sort of. If you are talking about a polyester shirt from Tesco that leaves you in rivers of sweat 5 mins after putting it on, as apposed to cotton or high cotton mix at JL, then it's a case of what you are after. We find the JL clearances exceptionally good, also for bed linen, when they bring in special buys as it is also the right mix of fibre to keep you comfortable.
Having spent many summer months in Malta at different times I would hate to wear/use the cheaper blends of fibres - it's bad enough in London when the humidity rises for the summer months. It's a choice between what the purse can bear and how uncomfortable you are prepared to be:;)

I´ve just commented on the facebook page :)I´ll get more people to do it xx

And following on from this I have asked why tesco do not deliver to Malta as a European country when there courier actually delivers to the UK, please all use this response from DPD in any correspondence with Tesco:-

Dear Julian

Thank you for your enquiry.  We do provide a service to Malta but it is only available by our Air Express Service (DPD Express) and takes 2-3 working days delivery

This was received today


Oh dear another spammer - 2 years late!!!  :lol:

redmik :

Oh dear another spammer - 2 years late!!!  :lol:



Have you tried Naxxar street and Valley road in Birkirkara? There are a lot of shops a mix of independent and chains and most of them seems to be pretty cheap.

All the best

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