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I thought I read somewhere here that Canadians get change their drivers license to a Dominican one at the embassy, without having to do the road test. Is this true?

yes, but not quite that easy.  There is a thread about it but something that you should be aware of.  It normally takes 3 days for the embassy to authenticate your driver's license.  You can also do this in Punta Cana as there is a Canadian Embassy in PC.  Then you must take that document to the ministry of transportation legal department (close to the Malecon) to have it legalized.  Then to the Ministry of Transportation (30-40 minutes drive and closes at 4:30PM) to go through some eye tests and validation and then finally your photo and driver's license (about 40 minutes or more depending on number of people).  You will need 3 copies (available across the street from where you will be) of your Canadian driver's license and the letter from the Canadian embassy and from the legal department.  No driving test required and you keep your Canadian License.  Prepare to be there in SD for the better part of the day.  The whole process will cost around $100 USD.  I don't remember exactly.

So I might be stating the obvious here - but - you're driving around doing all this before you actually get your driver's license.

Do you need to be a Resident to get your RD license?  I'm thinking that this could be done when we are down on our scouting trip and will have a rental car.


The latest information is posted in Spanish on the INTRANT website. … dominicana

Google translated below:

Requirements or requirements

Be a foreigner with residence in the country.

Required documents:

1. Foreign driver's license valid at the date of the change, plus one (1) copy.

2. Certification of the diplomatic or consular mission that proves the validity and validity of the license, legalized in Chancery or apostille by the country of origin, plus one (1) copy.

- The schedule of certification in the Chancellery is until 2:30 p.m.

3. One (1) copy of the residence.

4. Contract or work letter.

5. Payment receipt from the Reserve Bank for the legalization of diplomatic certification and a copy.

6. Receipt of payment of taxes and services from the Reserve Bank or online.

Procedures to follow

1. Go to the Legal Department and the Intrant License Office. (they check with your cedula or work permit if you have any violations against your name)

2. Go through the Registration of the Headquarters of the Driving License Department (This procedure is only carried out at Headquarters). Santo Domingo opposite National Stadium.

3. Examine the view. (eye test)

4. Make the blood typing. (blood type test)

5. Go through the offices of Dekolor at Headquarters.

6. Go to data capture, photo and signature.

7. Collect document in license delivery.

Additional Information
Validity:  Four (4) years.

Other information:  In the case of Change of Origin of a Dominican, if the license is American, it must cover the process of obtaining the Normal License because the American Consulate does not issue the validity certification. If it is from another country it can be validated.

Cost at licensing centre is 950 pesos and takes about 2 hours. I believe the legalization cost will be about 650 pesos per document.

Thank you, Lennoxnev for that.  I have bookmarked that link for my future questions.
What do you think they mean by "contract or work letter". ?

Like everything it will depend upon you.  I simply answered retired and that was sufficient.  As far as driving without your license, lots of threads about that, but was never a concern or issue for me.

Work permit holders can apply for a Dominican license now. They don't have an ID card (cedula) so a work employment/contract letter is needed.

I should emphasize that you always pay for the service at BanReserva before you go to the licensing centre with receipt. There is one alongside the Santo Domingo centre but the queues are long!

There is a Ban Reserva beside both transportation offices.  Prepare for lineups but the day I went, there was no one.

Qualifying American citizens cannot get their license certified and have to undergo the full process of obtaining a Dominican license as the INTRANT post above.

British Citizens also face a challenge and cannot get their license certified at the DR Embassy, and the extended process of certification is now described on the Foreign Office website:

To certify your driving licence, you will need to get a copy certified by a UK notary or lawyer. Once this is done, the Legalisation Office in the UK needs to attach an apostille and return to legalised driving licence to you. While some notaries may not be willing to carry out a notarial act without an individual being present, others are, and are also willing to forward applications to the Legalisation Office once they have completed their part. You can find a list of notaries currently authorised to practice on the website of the Faculty Office (the regulator of Notaries Public in England and Wales). You should contact notaries directly to check whether you would need to be present when they notarise your driving licence.

So for them the full process looks much cheaper and probably quicker and easier, unless you get the required certification prior to leaving the UK.

Yup you are right!

Do they have an office in Porto plata or do I have to go to SD?

INTRANT have regional offices including Puerta Plata where you can get your DR driving license or renew.

From the INTRANT website see below:

Listado oficinas Licencia de Conducir a nivel provincial


Carretera Jacagua Esquina Primera Edificio Obras Públicas,

Sector Camboya Santiago, Rep. Dom.                                 


Lunes a Viernes de 8 am. – 5 pm

San Francisco de Macorís

Carretera San Francisco Nagua, km 3 ½, Multicentros la Sirena,

San Francisco de Macorís.                             


Lunes a Viernes de 8 am. – 4 pm

La Romana

Ave. Teniente Amado García Guerrero

Esq. Bienvenido Créale Gobernación Provincial Romana, Rep. Dom.


Lunes a Viernes de 8 am. – 5 pm

Puerto Plata

Calle  Principal Hermanas Mirabal Ayudantía de Obras Pública,

Puerto Plata, Rep. Dom.

829-605-3272 /809-467-6282

Lunes a Viernes de 8 am. – 5 pm

Valverde Mao

Calle Hermanas Mirabal No. 91. 2do Nivel

Centro de la Ciudad Mao Valverde, Rep. Dom.


Lunes a Viernes de 8 am. – 5 pm.


Ave. Francisco del Rosario Sánchez No. 62 Entre INAPA Y Cervecería, Rep. Dom.


Lunes a Viernes 8 am. – 5 pm


Calle Mariano Pérez al lado de EdeNorte.


Lunes a Viernes de 8 am. – 5 pm


Calle Tony Mota Ricart No. 19, Sector Sávica en la ciudad de Barahona, Rep. Dom.

Lunes a Viernes de 8 am. – 5 pm

San Juan

Calle Capotillo No. 60 Centro, San Juan de la Maguana, Rep. Dom.

(Entre Calle Colón y Calle Mariano Rodríguez).


Lunes a Viernes de 8 am. – 5 pm

La vega

Calle Sanchez No.101, Centro La Vega

Lunes a Viernes de 8 am. – 4 pm


Multi Plaza Higuey local No.510 Calle José A. Santana esq. Hermanos Goico Morales. 

Lunes a Viernes de 9 am. – 6 pm.

Sábado de 9 am. – 1 pm.

Can you drive internationally with a DR drivers license. My Canadian license has expired and now only have a DR license. I did not get a international license yet. That will be on my next trip to DR. I will be in the UK this week and I need to rent a car.

I use my DR drivers license to drive in the UK when I visit. The hire companies prefer that I use it, so they don't have to go through the process of checking my UK license for any infractions which takes time.

Thats good to hear. Thanks.

So I will be moving in July for a one year work contract in Cap Cana...let me see if I can understand this as getting a car and a license is HIGH on my priorities when I arrive..and yes I have been going to the DR for 18 years and have driven plenty of rentals ..but this seems so complicated:

1. Go to Canadian Embassy in PC and have them authenticate my drivers license

2. Take this document to Santo Domingo - Ministry of Transportation Legal Department to have it legalized

3. Then to the Ministry of Transportation Drive to have eye tests and validation completed

WHat I need:

>> 3 copies of my current drivers license
>> Letter from Canadian Embassy  --- what is this????
>> Letter from Legal Department --- what is this???

IS this process simpler then just taking the DR driving test and getting the license ...I believe there is a place in La Romana for this to be completed??

Thanks for the information and advice!

Do you have a work visa?  You will need that or your cedula as well. 

It's not as complicated as it looks.  Your employer should help you with this.

Thanks for the reply, yes I will have a work visa

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