Belgium Family Reunification 9 Month Stay Exception


My partner is joining me in Belgium via family reunification.   We're both Americans. Leuven city hall just told us that she needs to stay in Belgium for 9 months while the visa is processed and that they don't advise leaving.    Is there any exception to this? Say, in the case of a death in the family or a wedding?  We have a wedding in several months and we're wondering if there's something we could apply for to allow us to leave temporarily.


Hi Rich,

Having experienced the same problem a few years ago. Apart from the death of an ascending / descending parent with the provision of an official document, no exception is allowed.

OK, that's unfortunate. Thank you though.

Hi Rich, apart from the medical reason of what Phipiemar had mentioned, family and business-related reasons would also be considered. You have to apply for a "Return Visa" from the city hall and submit supporting documents. If it is the wedding of a close family member, you can try and apply. Otherwise, the possibility of approval will be low.

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