Police cause

Aslam o alikum freindx.
I am Asad lives In riyadh
Before 4 month police arrest me due to my mistake  and they send me to district Court for sentence the judge he give me punish sentence that 2 month jail and 50 lashes sticks.
When I go jail that time the jail police call to my company and said give us pasport and ticket money of this boy then my company give them.
After 2 month police of jail they send me to police station with my passport and ticket money then in p station police said to me call to ur kafeel for bring u out then i call to kafeel and he came then they release me but when they release me they didnot give my pasport and ticket money to me then i ask them they said we will give it to ur company then i come to my comp and I go to office of our Incharge.
Before go to jail I was a computer oprator in comp and after jail when I go to my Incharge then my Incharge said we r not ready to accept u in work of computer oprator we want to give u work of labor and also we will decrease ur sallary. Then i said it is not acceptable for me then he said u can go final exit I said ok I want to go final exit. He said ur pasport is with police when they will give us then u can go he said u have to wait untill they give us ur pasport I said ok then after 2 weeks I go to my Incharge he said they didnot give ur pasport untill now then I go to police station and ask them give me my pasport they said ur papers are not came from Amaarah they said when ur paper will come then u come then after 1 month I go to police station again and ask them about my papers then they check my iqama in computer they yes ur papers are came they said we have to hit u 50 lashes then we will take next step of ur cause . I said ok I m ready to get my 50 lashes sticks then they said ur file is another police station u we will write letter to them that send to us file of this guy they said u have to come after one week.
Now I am waiting for finish week.
This is my story I tell to u full my story because I need your help I m in big tention I havnt work also my family they r in pakistan they r also in big tention please help me and give me good advise.
The problem is that in my iqama only 1 month is left.
And please tell me that what will be next step of police after they hit me 50 sticks.
And what will be happened if they didnot hit me 50 sticks in this week and they delay my cause and what will be happen if my iqama expire.
And my police cause not finish.
Please give me good advices.

what was the mistake for which u suffered a huge sentence.

Wow. Is there any Saudi in your company who can help? Things will be much better if there is someone to support you. If not, you have to find someone outside your company who can represent you.

Look, after this police case, at the end of the day, you will HAVE to leave Saudi and in all likelihood, you will be banned from ever returning as it seems like a criminal case.  And if it is a criminal case, you will never be able to work in any GCC country.

Once they do the lashes, they will ask your sponsor to deport you.  Iqama expiry doesn't matter as you are going to be deported anyway.   Make sure to follow up with your Embassy to involve them - press for deportation as delays will meant that on expiry and with a criminal case, you might end up in a jail.

Your sponsor cannot give you a lower profession and salary with a criminal case on you.  They are just saying it but it won't be approved.

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