Sosua to Santiago

Quick question - what is an easier drive from Sosua to Santiago (5 to 25) or (5-1)? Hate the other route going through the mountains!


I like the mountain road when it is in good shape. Much more scenic & a great place to stop half way at the top for a snack or a beer.

Thanks buddy! With no car have to use some of the taxis and they're not always in best of shape. Worry about breakdowns using the mountain route. Looks like 5 to 25 or 5 to 1 may be better now. Actually shows as less time on google maps.

Wondering if folks who travel regularly between the cities prefer the alternatives to the mountain route.

Thanks again - see you at the meetup!

Honey you need to find a good taxi person to work with!  Negotiate for most of your business!  And you know that the bus is the easiest and cheapest way to go right..... Metro or Caribe go to Santiago many times a day. Take a taxi from the bus station.

:) Thanks!

I PM'd you.

Thanks for the advice!

I can recommend someone who I have known for 2 years. Honest and reliable. He drove me once to SD from Sosua, waited all day and drove me back. His car is also reliable and safe.

Thanks. Not sure on dates yet.

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