Belgium visa

Hi guys what does it means?

Indien een dossier nog in behandeling is of indien het dossier nog niet behandeld is omdat gewacht wordt op de verzending per diplomatieke valies van de documenten die de visumaanvraag ondersteunen, verschijnt als datum, de datum waarop de visumaanvraag geregistreerd werd door de Dienst Vreemdelingenzaken.extra info2:In principe wordt de beslissing verzonden op de dag dat ze getroffen wordt.Het kan echter soms enkele dagen duren voordat de diplomatieke of consulaire post de beslissing effectief ontvangt.

Try Google translate - I just tried it and it worked OK.

But I am confused
Are they asking any documents?

It says:

Google Translate wrote:

If a file is still pending or if the file has not yet been processed because it is awaited to send by diplomatic case of the documents supporting the visa application, the date on which the visa application was registered by the Immigration Office appears as the date.

Extra info2 : In principle, the decision is sent on the day that it is taken. However, it can sometimes take several days before the diplomatic mission or consular post actually receives the decision.

So it sounds like a reason why your visa application hasn't been dealt with and it is explaining why.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

So when can I get my belgium long time stay visa after 2 months is it possible?

No idea mate; hopefully, one of the Belgium experts will be along shortly to answer your question.

What is the status it shows when you check the file number in DOFI website ? The text you pasted is from extra info 1 and 2. What do you see in the field "Beslissing/Status Dossier: " in the NL version of the website or the field "Decision" in the FR version of the website.

Hi sir,
How can see the FR decision?
Please help me.

Just look at the tracking website with your reference number.

Hi guys
Please help me
What does mean?

Datum visumaanvraag:    Sep 12 2018
Datum registratie visumaanvraag door Dienst Vreemdelingenzaken:    Nov 8 2018
Beslissing/Status Dossier:    WEIGERING
Datum beslissing/Status Dossier:    Feb 6 2019
extra info1:   
extra info2:    In principe wordt de beslissing verzonden op de dag dat ze getroffen wordt. Het kan echter soms enkele dagen duren voordat de diplomatieke of consulaire post de beslissing effectief ontvangt.

Your visa has been denied.
It has been decided on the 6 february 2019.

You'll receive a paper from the embassy about the reason why you've been rejected, along with your passport and your file.

Should I want to submit a new application or what is the document missing that document only want I submit? Please help me

You may have to submit a fresh application. If there were just documents missing, this would not be the status shown.

Oh my god.....
So why they refusal me

You will receive the refusal letter which will have a detailed explanation.

OK....... I thank you for your helping😊

Hi if I reapply then how long should I want to wait?

Hi sir,
Finally I got the refusal letter.....
They need to know My husbands' work contract
We didn't send that
And now 2019 new processing for apply Belgium visa we wanna fly to new Delhi and hand over all documents in there.......
But I have doubts... .
1. 1st time they rejected me but they said a reason the next time will they  accept my application?
2. Should I get an appointment before I go to vfs in new Delhi. How can get appointment? 
3. Does the new processing time is 4 months or up-to 6 months?
4. What are the extra documents want I submit?

Your husband's work contract is a very important document. Not sure why you didn't submit that.

ok.. now,

1. Yes.
2. You can call VFS helpline number or use the website (
3. It depends.
4. A very well written cover letter explaining what went wrong in the previous application + all required documents.

Thank you sir...
I don't know
I must submit my husbands' work permit but unfortunately we forgot
Excuse me sir if you don't mind
Could you say what are the all documents must I want to submit?
Cuz I am afraid and I don't know about new Delhi visa processing.
And the contribution fees we wanna pay there or through the bank account?
Sir pleas help me......😟😞

It depends on the type of visa D you're going to do. … to-belgium

Remember that these documents are the strict minimum to provide.
Show as much money/house/car/boat/bank history/pay slips/credit cards/... as you can.

OK sir
He has a car and a house
The house contract I have but  the car document what want I submit?
Sir please give me more information
This time if they will reject me i Can not bear...😢😢😢😢
And I think my wedding photos also I have to submit for the prove
Is it OK?

Car, boat etc were sarcasm. You dont need to submit car documents of your husband.

House contract, job contract, payslips of last 6 months and/or bank statement, etc. to show your husband's financial status. As the rejection was based on the work status of your husband, I dont think your wedding photos are required. Marriage certificate - get a fresh copy apostilled. And rest is standard set of documents as you submitted last time.

OK sir,
I will prepare that all required documents.
I planned to go to new Delhi next month
If I have any questions I will ask sir
Or if  I know any Information I will share here

All the best !

@aneesh please help me what does it mean will they accept our case or refuse?

@aneesh please help me what does it mean will they accept our case or refuse?
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I did not get your question ?

Will they accept our case or not from March 23 we submited our documents for hummnitrain Visa in Islamabad but we recently recive this email from Belgain Embassy.


Helloo dear sir Aneesh please help me?will they accept our case or refuse?