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Good day . I am a Registered Nurse at South Africa. I want write haad exam,  for that I did applied for data flow and result is positive after that I did apply for credential I got the message that " kindly note that your application is disapproved for the following:- need to apply through sponsoring facility as you are exempted from examination " . Please anyone help me find what is my next step of process and it means I don't need to write exam or not

Thanks for your reply.  I really appreciate.  Can you please tell me , how can I find sponsoring facility.

Please help me,  how can I find sponsoring facility.

You can apply online, send your CV on the facility or hospital's website. Once you're hired the facility will process your license.

I am a South African Registered nurse.  I would like to know if I'm exempt from writing the HAAd, DHA, MOH exams. I want to work in the UAE. Not sure where yet.

I need some direction in applying for work.

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