speak german necessary to find a job?

Hello Everybody,

I'm new here and I would present myself.

I'm Odile. I'm a french girl living in Paris and I would like to go to Vienna to start a new life ;). I would like to create a company; But for now, as I don't speak german, I will start to find a job and know some people.
I know that it's a real problem but I'm very motivated to learn how to speak it.

Do you think that it is possible to get a job even if I don't speak german ? These job could permit me to learn. Do you think I should learn German in Paris before moving in Vienna ?
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Hello Dilo,

there was already in the past the same topic:

Because the most companies and traders have (at least among others) German speaking customers they demand mostly at least C1-skills, sometimes B1 is also possible...depends on the area of responsibility. But I think there are also some few exceptions where it is sufficient to speak only English, primarily if you are either an (sought-after) expert in a particular area (f.e. science, IT, craftwork, special knowledges and skills,...) or maybe for unskilled auxiliary-works without customer contact (f.e. kitchen helper, cleaner,...). I´d suggest to look especially for companies dealing with french partners, that could be a good advantage for you.

You can ask at the "Chambre de commerce Franco-Autrichienne"

I´m sure they can provide you with a list of companies: branches from french-speaking countries in Vienna, or Austrian companies with branches or clients in french speaking countries. I´d try it if I were you.

Good luck!

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