Data Flow PSV report restricted by SCFHS

Hi! I didn't really know how data flow works since it's my first time to work outside my country... I thought it was just a requirement before getting license here, which I already did. Now 3 years later and I have to renew my saudi council license and it requires PSV report. However, when I opened my profile it only shows completed but unable to share report due to issuing authority restriction. When I tried to contact dataflow group, they advised me to contact scfhs regarding this matter. When inquired through tawasul, they said that I should contact dataflow group for my report. I already set an appointment in scfhs office here in our city. My license will expire on jan 3 and it is also the closest day that I am available for an appointment so I set it on that day. I just want to ask if anyone had gone through the same procedure and did the scfhs provided the result.

Do. you have the reference number for your report? Usually when u want to download it in the system of dataflow, u will pay some amount. You can download it here

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