Is Lyft available, or only Uber?

I arrive Punta Cana tonight. Thinking I should add Uber app just in case. But if someone knows for sure there is Lyft I won't add Uber to my plethora of apps. Thanks in advance.

I am not sure. Not heard anyone talk about  Lyft honey.  Uber for sure works well here.

Ok. Downloaded Uber and took it to Little Havana in Miami. Basically the same as Lyft.
Been reading thru your posts and the breadth of info is fantastic!  Thanks for the help.

When you are in the smaller communities, the moto taxis are always cheap and fun.  And usually readily available.  Other than having no shock absorbers, they are cheaper and always entertaining.  Lol.

I won't take a Moto Taxi -  I would rather walk. The accident and death rate on Motos here in this country are staggering. What's the value of your life???

I have ridden motorcycles since 1956, Scrambled, ( now called motocross). Was a bier up until two years ago when my failing eyesight made it imperative to stop. I use motos now, but, only in town, never on the highway or for real long distances. It is usually the locals who speed or show off. Driving drun ills them too. I use older guys who are interested in staying whole. I am with BigBob on this one.

No Uber nor Lyft in Punta Cana. I have to take taxi. But I may go back to the airport and rent a car. Downloading Waze has been a big help.

Wow,  no Uber in Punta Cana.  I thought there would be!   Its a huge success here in Santo Domingo

Nope. Dashed my dreams of becoming an Uber driver in Punta Cana. 😛
Neither google maps nor apple maps is working for directions. But Waze works very well and more detailed.
AirBnB seems much better than Expedia. Just booked my next 2 nights with AirBnB.
Don't think I will make it to Las Terrenas as there isn't a direct route and Waze indicates 4 hours by car. Really wanted to check it out, bummer. Oh well, course correct 😀 as usual. Santo Domingo is in range. Just need to find the best way to get there...

Yup its 4 hours easy honey.  Its a long way and not always an easy drive. 

Santo Domingo is easy,  hop on the bus!   Its like US 8 bucks honey. You want the Bavaro Express! 

Come to SD we will have coffee or rum!

Sounds like fun, but we should have both 😀
I will head out Saturday morning.

Woooo hoooo.

I am in Santo Domingo. If you are still up for drinks let me know 😀

So far UBER is available in Santo Domingo, Santiago and Puerto Plata. Another similar company called Cabify is available in Santo Domingo.

I was in Punta Cana, Santo Domingo, and La Romana over 7 days.  No Uber.  I tried Uber in Santo Domingo to get to La Romana but the service was not used correctly by the drivers.  I tried 2 "Uber" drivers.  Upon logging in and setting the pickup/delivery points in Uber, I then received a text thru Uber from the drivers indicating the $55 USD rate was not correct and that they would not complete the transaction.  They both insisted on more money @ $90 USD.  I bailed on the first driver, and tried another wondering if the first was an anomaly.  It was not.  The second driver proceeded with identical negotiating tactics.  However, this time, as I negotiated I kept an eye on the driver location in the Uber app.  It was clear the driver was located about 4 blocks away and throughout the 10 minutes of negotiation (mostly due to my slow use of google translator) did not move.  Clearly, the driver had no intent of picking  me up until an agreed rate was met.  Both drivers had a 5 Star rating, both drivers had 0 reviews (should have tipped me off..., but only drivers available).  Last, one of the Uber drivers tried to charge me $54 USD for "canceling" the ride.  Uber correctly reversed a couple days later of their own accord.  Conclusion, for long haul in Santo Domingo there is not a real Uber service, just taxi's using Uber to locate customers to upcharge them.  In the end, after consulting with the hotel manager, I took a taxi for $80 USD.  Hope this helps someone in the future...

Clearly that rate is not correct then. So their negotiating may be correct. No one would take you for that price honey. 

I am sorry that you had this experience and glad that Uber credited you back!

The Uber driver agrees to the rate when they accept the rider request.  It is inappropriate to agree to provide the service, and then try to re-negotiate after the driver hits the accept rider button.  If they disagree with the rate, the driver should not accept the driver request.  As I type, what I should do is go back and rate both drivers poorly on Uber.

I had a taxi set from Punta Cana to Santo Domingo for $60 USD.  If I could have arrived at 7am for a shared taxi the price would have dropped to $20 USD to get there.  I understand that reversing that route from Santo Domingo doesn't guarantee the same price; but I think it is too much for it to cost more to get 70% of the way back to Punta Cana (i.e. to La Romana).  FYI, I chose the bus to Santo Domingo.  It worked great, and I loved the mototaxi in Punta Cana to get me to the bus station.  $4 mototaxi in Punta Cana to bus, $8 bus ride to Santo Domingo, $20 taxi from Santo Domingo bus drop to Colonial hotel.  $32 total Punta Cana to Santo Domingo.  Return, about $210 in taxi from Santo Domingo to La Romana, La Romana to Punta Cana airport.  Casa de Campo Resort and Villas in La Romana is a must do.  The marina is one of the prettiest I have seen (I've traveled over 1/3 the world...)

Regardless, money wasn't an issue for me.  I had a blast and will return.

P.S.  Only ladies that are allowed to call me honey are those that share a drink with me :-P

I have removed the posts. Please take a classified ad

No Lyft.
And the Uber kind of sucks.
Good luck standing outside the airport waiting for the Uber.  This is NOT the USA :-(

Uber worked well for me in rush hour Santo Domingo.  It can be harder or impossible to get a ride at night.

In Juan Dolió (March/April 2022) almost 100% of the time, the driver cites gasoline price increases (which are true) and the need for a cash supplement or separate higher fare. It seems coordinated, with different drivers citing the exact (e.g. DOP 1300) fare for a specific ride.

The Uber rates do seem really low. I've taken 30 minute intense traffic rides from Malecon to Zona Universitaria for - $3 ? I try to tip very generously after such a drive.

But the real issue with the Juan Dolió Uber system is understanding if you are being asked for extra or if the deal is in place of the fare - because if it is in place - you must cancel your ride or pay both the cash fare and the outside the system fare. And, you'll get a call from another driver if your driver cancelled. Obviously, this diminishes the "ease" of Uber.

My only Punta Cana Uber experience has been "Let's negotiate on WhatsApp." :-)
DiDi is a service like Uber that is set up the same way. Just download the app. It is good in the capital and less expensive. I have no idea if it is anywhere else
I've never had an uber driver in the capital ask for anything other than the quote in the app. I always tip generously because the fares are so cheap! And unlike in the US, I often tip in cash to give the driver money in his pocket right away.
You will see this in the capital of trying to go all the way across the city in rush hour OR going to the airport, OR going to say Boca Chica.  The price given by the system will not be enough for the Uber provider.
You might wanna see the list of Lyft alternatives that cover almost all areas in the U.S.
Hello everyone,

@ TravelFrenzy, but we are on the Dominican Rep forum ....


@Bhavna I didn't see that. I pardon. Anyway, people should know about the other taxi apps for better commutes.

Many of those don't exist here so you are confusing the issue.
When u say moto taxi are they the  motorcycles? If yes they are not for long ride or to get you from the airport.
Any are available in Las Terrenas?
Any are available in Las Terrenas?
- @freeperson

No, uber is not currently operating in Las Terrenas