Uber in Puerto Plata

I think I read that Uber is available in Puerto Plata.  If so, what is the quality of the service?  A couple people I know that live in SD told me that sometimes Uber drivers will pick up passengers, drive a short distance and then try and demand a fare difference than the stated fare.  I have no proof that such behavior is actually true.

I have used uber often in the capital and have never heard of any issues with them at all.

Uber is still fairly new in Puerto Plata and don't know if it is widespread there.

N ot too widespread in POP - I hear

SD is smooth...
My wife went from the Ministry Of Interior/Police to Ikea....
another trip after that
and then to the Colonial Zone.

All for $15US.... billed on the card in pesos

Well now that it's the holidays their rates more or less doubled!   Service is still good though!

Thanks for the information. However,  I have been told that Puerto Plata is very spread out.  Thus, if a person does not drive the cost of transportation could offset the savings gained from a low-cost apartment.  It is for that reason I am interested in the availability of UBER.  Last year I sent a few months in Sosua.  There were numerous van-like taxis but they were very expensive.

If living there find a taxi you like and make a deal on price to use his services!

Uber is there. When I used them a few times in July I had a few minor problems. Drivers not showing up after waiting a long time and then of course the typical bs they try when Uber is new. Like asking to be paid cash or turning off their phones and other frustrating hustling techniques. I am sure it's probably gotten a little bit better over the last six months. In December I rented a car which was easier and cheaper but living there you probably won't want to go through getting a Dominican driver's license and buying a car. So you could do Uber for a few weeks and collect the phone numbers of your good driver's and work out a cash deal with them. You can also take the publicos which are the cheapest way to get around. I think it's currently 65 pesos daytime and 75 at night on the north coast. If you are claustrophobic or don't like being packed in tight you can buy out the front seat for double the fair. Motos cost more than publicos but will take you wherever you want to go like a taxi but cheaper and more adventurous. Publicos run like a bus and the top of the car says what towns they go to. Avoid taxis because they are the biggest rip-off of all transportation.

Get your feet on the ground for a few weeks and do some exploring for yourself to see how you like it

I would love to find out where you rented a car that was cheaper?  I usually fly to POP airport.  I rented a car for 9 days and with the insurance they charged me, and the car was only $15.00 per day, my total bill for 9 days was almost $545.00 .

I used ok rentals located between Sosua and caberete. A quick Google search will get you their contact info. I got the cheapest car which was $28 a day. Then I opted for the $0 deductible insurance which was an additional $2 a day. Total price for 9 days after all fees was like $308. This also included free airport pick up and drop off at pop. I put a total of 1100 pesos worth of gas in the car which at the current exchange is about $22. The car was a total POS but I didn't care. It was worth every penny. Giving me the freedom to do whatever I wanted when I wanted. If you compare that to what the taximafia charges gringos it's easy to see the savings.

UBER informs the passenger of the fee prior to requesting the ride. If the driver tries to charge a different amount you have the option of cancelling the ride and reporting the driver. I use UBER often.

Yes it is a great help!!!!

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