Looking for Job as IT Project/Program Manager

Hi Group,

I am looking to Migrate to New Zealand. I have done my research on immigration.gov.nz and I fall short by 5 points on the threshold of 160 Points.

I hereby seek help from fellow expats here to help me in securing a job offer as IT project/Program manager. I have close to 15 years of experience in managing medium to large scale IT Infrastructure Projects & Transitions.

I have applied to a lot of jobs on Seek.co.nz but without working rights the applications are not being taken forward. if anyone on this forum can help in getting my resume across to some organizations it would be a big help.

Thanks & Regards
Ish Sachdeva

Welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately, unless you have the required amount of threshold points then you will not be able to work in NZ as you will not qualify for a visa or work permit.

Thanks for your reply. So it's impossible to secure a job offer without having a Working rights. For me to meet the threshold I need to have job offer in hand.

You can apply for jobs but you will not be accepted as you do not meet the immigration requirements.

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