Irish nurse moving to riyadh

I am 24 years old female living in Ireland.
I am interviewing soon fot King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre to be a paediatric nurse.
I would like to find out what social and work life is like there ?
is anyone coming from a similar background as myself made the move ?
I would really appreciate any comments.
Thanks in advance
Sinead :)

Hi Sinead, KFSH is one of KSA best hospitals. You will find all facilities possible if you strike good deal with them. In terms of living social life is a tricky one as the country is reserved in culture where you need to struggle alot specially being a woman.

Social life, in ksa alcohol is not allowed and there are no pubs or bars. The best you can do is go to malls and some cafes with your female mates, there are cinemas recently opened so this is another feature.

Language: Arabic publicly, very selfom can speak english.

Mode of transport: Uber/Careem and/or taxis, saudi drivers mostly speak arabic snd little english.

Intercity travel, not sure if foriegn women can travel alone.

Hope this helps

Hi Sinead,

As a lady you will find it hard at the start as you will always think about your lifestyle in Ireland. But as you go on later you will get used to it. It depends upon your outlook.

There are accommodations inside exclusive for Westerners  I don't know how they are accommodating maybe as per position and nationality or you will be accommodated in Western Compounds in some cases exclusive for Ladies as the usual case.

Social Life is 180 degrees different from your domicile. You have to wear Abaya whenever you go out and you have to cover your hair in Public places. Anyway as time goes by you will be meeting new peers of the same feathers (likes and needs) where you can join by then you can adjust yourself and will be enjoying or appreciating the situation.

Parties are normally held in Western Compounds. You must have acquaintances inside or friends who will bring you in there. At the start i would suggest for you to be cautious as you are not familiar with the place and another thing is the language barrier. Unless you are a fluent Arabic Speaker. Always go out with a Buddy to assist you.

The nearest Supermarket is Hyperpanda just in front if you are in Main Hospital and the nearest Mall is Panorama Mall and Riyadh Gallery. Farther northward is the biggest Mall Riyadh Park so far with cinemas  beside Rubeen Plaza.

Another big Mall is Granada Mall Northeast side it is beside Al Hamra a Western Compound.

Welcome then to the Arab World....

Thanks for that info guys :)

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