Family visit visa chamber location issue

Hi all, I have been reading through a lot of posts. Impressive is the least I can say. I solved a lot formalities using the blog. Thanks everyone. Now I'm in lil confusion.
I have Kharaj Iqama and am at Riyadh for a 2 weeks. I want to apply for visit visa for my family, I have filled in the online form. Can i submit the same at Riyadh Chambers or will I have to go to Kharaj Chamber of commerce? I heard that there is a Kharaj counter at Riyadh Chamber of commerce.

One of my friend recently got a visit visa for his wife and he has the same situation like yours , He has kafeel in Dammam and he live in Riyadh he applied online and when he go to submit the application to chamber of commerce they refused to take and asked him it should be applied from Dammam as your iqama is from Dammam . so he has to go there and apply over there and with in few days his wife's visa arrived . I hope that clears your confusion and hope you meet your family soon .

Peace. !

if your company have registered coc in riyadh then only you can do chamber in riyadh you should check with them where they have chamber registration

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